How to Round Wood Edges Without a Router

How to Round Wood Edges Without a Router?

How to round wood edges without a router? No doubt, the use of the router made the problem very easy for you. But, the question is that either all the people have access to purchase the router or not? On the other hand, we also know that the router left better results than any manual one. How to round wood edges without a router?

The router’s price is too much, which is away from all the users in the world. Moreover, the minimum cost of a router is up to $30 which is not a useful tool in using. So, how people will make the edges round without the help of the router.

Do not worry, and I am here to decrease the real tension you have without any problem. I need your attention till the end of the article. Furthermore, I have manipulated all the processes in steps for making them more straightforward than usual. So, let’s talk about the goal without wasting your precious time.

When to Round The Edges?

Do you know that the unusual surfaces create any problems for all? I think you have experienced these issues in the past. Some of the reasons behind round the edges of the wood. Here are some main points when we have to round the surfaces.

  • The unusual has many chances of edges for the children as well as the adult ones.
  • ┬áIt is not easy to paint the rough edges all the time.
  • Round edges are more reliable and durable compare to the others.
  • It enhanced the protection of wooden tools always.
  • Rough edges caused to tear the clothes many times.
  • If you do not have round edges, then the tool’s shape would be rough and dull.
  • No one likes the tables, tools, beds and other things in the market without smoothness of round shape.

Tools Required?

Before starting the task, it is essential to know the required tools for the whole process. I have searched and concluded the following appliances for you. Moreover, I also tried my best to reduce the cost as I can for you. So, please do not skip anyone from the given below tools for rounding the edges without a router.

  • It would be best if you had a hand plane of good quality.
  • Do not forget to avail the availability of Chisel.
  • A wood file.
  • A set of sandpaper which newly purchased.

These are the essential things for making the process very easy for you. Now, the time is to discuss all the steps for doing the procedure.

How To Round Wood Edges Without Router?

There are many ways to round the wood edges. I have only picked some of the prominent from all of these. Moreover, I also remembered the cost of the following methods. Let’s start with the 1st one.

Using Hand Plane

It is one of the best methods for routing edges on wood. Moreover, no one can compare any other way to this because of having more reliability. If you have a hand place, then removing the extra edges on wood will not matter to you. On the other hand, if you do not have any experience running the hand plan, it does not matter as you do even the first time.

One thing taken into account is that start the work with an angle of 45 degrees along the wood surfaces. Do not forget to change the location as required during the complete process.

Finally, do not stop the hand place until you picked the right output you have expected before starting. I want to suggest the use of sandpaper for the final time.

Use of Chisel

The method of Chisel demanded more aggressiveness than the first one. On the next side, this method is not as easy as you expect. However, if you have some practice, then do not worry about it. Just follow these prominent instructions.

It was more challenging to do than the hand plane. You have to clear that your tool must be sharp before the run on the edges of surfaces. After then it will not be a matter to round all the advantages of furniture.

No one can handle the weight for the first time. With the help of some practice, you will easily find the task. It is a reliable option for a rounded edge board. Moreover, you have to weigh some time. The situation will change automatically to your side.

If you are very consistent, then I am sure that you will find the task in the end. Be cool and calm till the end of the final moments. You have to face much hardness at the start, and then over time, all the things will be very easy.

Use of The Wood File

Before discussing the wood file method, one thing takes into mind is that it is only for average kinds of tasks. Whereas, you have to be aggressive as compared to the sandpaper. On the other hand, it is easy versus the edged tools.

How to round wood edges with a Dremel? If you have the task to make a little radius, it would be an excellent option. There is no difference between the sandpaper and wood files. The person who knows to adopt the way of sandpaper does not need to get the experience of it.

The procedure starts from the grinding edges. In the initial stage, you need to rub the wood router file versus the un-smooth edges. While you are doing to scratch the surfaces, after some time, it behaves very slowly.

Please, do not stop and remain to continue until you find the required size. No doubt, there will feel a little pressure on you, but it is your goal. You are saving a lot of cost on furniture items. All steps need sandpaper at the end to clear the final spots on the surfaces.


How to round wood edges with sandpaper? Everyone knows the use of the sandpaper. Furthermore, it only helps to remove the small boundaries at the end. You can expect very much from it. The enormous edges cannot repair with the help of it.

Even a child of 10 years can do the goal without having any experience. It proved very smooth surfaces to the unusual edges. No doubt, it took time but left the result in your favor.

Final Words

All four methods have been described very simply to give an understanding of all types of viewers. How to round wood edges without a router will not be a big deal for you now. If you still have any questions in your mind, then you can go to any other place.

For getting more accurate detail, please visit the videos and pictures by browsing the internet all the time. At last, I would like to ask you to adopt some precautions also. Children must stay away from all the process.

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