How to Drill Dowel Holes Without a Jig

How to Drill Dowel Holes Without a Jig

Do you want to know about “how to drill dowel holes without a jig”? No doubt, the need for this process arises after some time again and again. Most people pay a healthy cost to do the task. But, if you stay with us till the end of the article, then no one will stop you from doing the complete process as own.

A common man can also take help from the following simple steps. Please, do not skip any single line for a better result than usual. How to make a dowel joint step by step? Here is the complete answer for you. Some of the tools are also required before starting the goal.

Essential Material

  • Two Nails
  • Bolt or Wire Cutters
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Scrap wood
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tool
  • Hammer

How to Make a Jig

It is essential to make a good jig at the start. How to use dowel jig? The jig is the only tool to create the exact hole for putting the legs very accurately. We can say the jig will resolve the entire problem for you. If you do not have anything other than the jig, you can complete your task without wasting time.

In the market, there are several methods to introduce the guide to make the jig. In all the processes, the first work is to make the small cut like the angle, which showed the workpieces.

One thing that takes into mind the holes you are going to drill must have the same distance. Otherwise, you will fail to find the appropriate result in the end.

If you are doing the task for the first time, then it could be hard for you. It is not easy to press the small clamping pieces into the holes. So, I would like to ask you to use the hand screw clamp for the real result. On the other hand, some of the prominent videos are also available. It would be best if you browse the various spots for this.

No problem, if you use a scrap of the equal sides like pieces. You have to join each on the spot. Now, the time is to number the holes by knowing the center of the blocks.

Some experienced people preferred to use the saw to make the process more comfortable than expected. The clamp will also easily adjust to the place.

Helping Tips

Here are the dowel joinery techniques for you. Sometimes, you feel that hole will exceed the task. It means your drill machine went very deeply while making the holes. Now the question is how you will do the exact process here. The masking tape and the painter’s tape are the best options for getting an outstanding result. These two inputs will stop the drill from going deep.

Have you made the holes? If you did it, now the time is to insert the dowel into the fixed place. You need to put the center of the dowel in the hole. I want to ask to use the help of hammering for pushing the dowel into the spot. Do not stay away from the reallocation. If you forget something, you will waste your time and the cost of wood also.

After completing the above goal, now you need to make the holes of mating. Use the glue to attach the pins of the dowel. Press the dowel by using the hammer when you pasted glue on the surfaces. Now, leave all the parts of the wood for drying for some time. I hope this technique is one of the best to help you. Moreover, it is speedy and reliable also.

Purchase a Jig

You know that doweling is the usual method to attach all the workpieces. I have manipulated the complete process of making jigs. If you still face any problems, then do not increase the difficulties more and purchase the Bazar predicate jig.

Please use a 45-degree dowel jig. Pocket screws are also readily available in the market. The setup of rabbet makes the entire process very easy. If you want to enhance work progress, buy the horizontal mortise for creating more easiness.


Making the holes with the help of a drill machine is not easy for all peoples. It is full of threats. So, I will like to ask you to use some safety tips to stay safe. Moreover, please do not take precautions as quickly as you read. It would be best if you obeyed it.

  • You have to wear a protective dress. It is essential to do it because of having very sharp tools there.
  • Your face and eyes must cover with a mask and glass because some particles may enter them while making the holes. These small particles may create the disease of asthma, cancer, allergic, and eye infections also.
  • Use the apron of leather very tightly. Moreover, the suit must be very tight, and hair also is covered.
  • Do not forget to use gloves to cover the hand and the fingers from any misshapen.

Wrap up Of How to Drill Dowel Holes Without a Jig

I have tried my best to leave better and more accurate detail for the readers to get some easy work. Now, “How to drill dowel holes without jig” will not be a big deal for you. On the other hand, you have to remain cool and calm during the time doing work.

If you still have any problems, you must see the related pictures and videos on the internet. If you have some budget, then please purchase the predicate jig all the time.

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