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How to Change Table Saw Blade. No doubt, the table saw is one of the prominent tools in the use of woodwork. We cannot do almost any work without it. If you want to cut the wood or make a new shape, you must have the saw available.

On the other hand, the blade of the saw also expired after some time. If you go to the market to change it, you have to pay any expenses for it. But, I am here to decrease the problem for you. I am going to explain all the steps which would help you in the coming time.

How will you replace the blade of the table saw? It is not a big deal if you stay with us till the end of the article. Please, do not skip any line or step for real and accurate information all the time. Moreover, some pictures and videos also provided more assistance to the users.

Replacing time

The replacement time of the table saw depends upon its usage of it. How to change table saw blade master craft? One thing is taken into account is that we cannot leave for all the types of woodwork. No doubt, you can sharpen the blade after some time.

However, when you feel that the edge is rough now, then change it on your own at home. Here are the tools which need to change urgently.

Changing Tools

  • You have to replace the blade of the saw.
  • Do not forget to change the screwdriver.
  • Allen is also changeable.
  • The little block of wood.

These are the primary four tools that expired after some time. The carpenter uses these tools daily in almost every work.

Now the time is to go to the real task of the table saw. All the steps are managed very well according to the needs of all.

  • Do not forget to unplug the switch before doing any work. It is not an essential step, and it is a precaution for you. Because the current continuously is flowing in the machine. On the next side, do not put the switch into the socket without clearing the task.
  • The second step involved the official work. You have to remove the throat blade as well as the blade guard. How to change table saw blade, Dewalt? I want to ask you to remain very relaxed and calm during the process. If you showed some hurry, then we will not be responsible for any damage. Your life is more important than any work.  Do you know that most of the table saws are different from each other? But, the process is the same as for all the others.
  • Now you have to raise the blade as soon as possible. Firstly, you also know whether the edge replaces very well or not. It would be best if you raised the sword as you can for betting picking than the difficult. It is the step where an injury is also created for the worker.
  • Loose Arbor net here with the help of a screw. You have to use two wrenches at the same time for this task. One screw will help pick the surface to the opposite, and the other will start to lose it. There is a need for some additional force for this act. If you fail to handle the nut from revolving, you will not be able to do this step.
  • How to change the circular saw blade? After losing the nut from the sides, now you have entered into an easy task. Just revolve the nuts by using your hands to unscrew them from the table saw. The chance of injury must-have. The teeth of the blades are very new to your fingers. So, please stay away from the surfaces. Do not forget to lose the washers also at the same. Now, put all the nuts and washers in the same place. Children must stay away from you.
  • Now, you have free space on both sides of the blades. You can easily replace the edge and put there a new one. You’re all the focus must be one there. A small mistake may lead to creating and severe problem. The unique blade has more share teeth than the older ones.
  • You have almost done your work. Now, reset the arbor net with the washers. You have to put this arbor net to that place where you have removed it before some time. A screw is the table saw removal tool. If you failed to know the procedure, then follow the pictures on the internet. Some videos also helped the viewers accurately. You must ensure the tightness of the screws. If there is any loss, then try again to revolve the screw.
  • How to replace the throat blade and blade guard? It is also part of the procedure for you. You know that the throat blade is used to give more protection to the edge of a saw. On the other hand, put the blade guard as you removed it at the start. You have done the complete goal for yourself.
  • All the essential steps did well very good. Now, the time is to plug the switch once again into the socket. Now, run it for some time and check the smoothness of the blades. If there is any problem in the balance, then unplug again to reset it as per the requirement.


No problem, you are aware of all the steps now. But, I want to tell you some precautions for the newbies. I hope they must adopt these.

  • Do not touch the surfaces of the blade.
  • Children must be very far from all the time.
  • Take time to do the task, and please do not fast.
  • Do it in a recessed light for better results.
  • Check the socket properly before unscrewing any tool from the table saw.
  • Read all the instructions very carefully.
  • You may check the process manually by watching the others when they replace the table saw.
  • Packed the older table saw to get rid of any problems in the future.

Final Words

I tried my best to leave better detail for all the viewers. How to change a table saw blade without a wrench? You must follow all the steps as per the given sequence. If you mixed anyone from all of the above, then you are going to do the wrong work.

Whereas, any faults may lead to an injury. So, you have got the answer to the question “how to change table saw blade” very clearly. If you still have any issues regarding the work, see the videos on YouTube or watch the pictures on the internet by browsing.

You can also adopt any other method, but it is a simple and easy process for all the newbies and the experts. Moreover, you will complete the entire process in a short time.

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